Buckeye Gym. 30 Years Strong.

The City of Tallmadge Community Sign recognizing Buckeye Gym’s 30 years in business!

Andrew Volcheck squatted his body weight (185lbs.) for 68 reps. to win the Buckeye Gym Squat Challenge.

Jackie Kendziorski (Challenge Judge) spot Amanda Bennett and Haley Congrove as they warm up for the Buckeye Gym Bench Challenge.

Mayor Dave Kline and Economics Director Dennis Loughry attend Buckeye Gym’s 30th Anniversary Event to support owners Julie, Megan and Mike Oliver.

Kevin Mayer setting up his 315lb bench press attempt for the Buckeye Gym 30 rep bench press challenge.

Brian Moore benched 225 for 30 reps as Kevin Mayer watches his competition.

The top 4 competitors in the Buckeye Gym Squat Challenge. Each competitor was asked to squat their body weight as many times as possible. Brian Moore (3rd), David Bates (4th), CJ Berg (2nd) and Andrew Volcheck (1st).

CJ Berg draws the attention of the audience as he challenges Kevin Mayer for 1st place. Competitors benched the highest percentage of their body weight for 30 reps.